With a background in music production and audio engineering I have always been interested in the electronic side of drumming. I use Logic Pro and Ableton Live to do the majority of my programming, which over the last few years has included drum programming for composers, live looping, backing track programming, live show/set programming and light programming.. Please contact me with any enquiries and questions!
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Free Max for Live device

Max for Live device - Set List

- topics: customisable text display for Ableton Live

I have created a Max for Live device that allows you to design and automate a text display directly in your Ableton project. This can be used as a Set List, for song information or even lyric hints. Features include: - floating window which always stays in foreground - change size, position, background and text colour to your liking - settings and data are stored with your Ableton project - 28 text slots which can comfortably display up to 3 lines - Open/Close button MIDI-map-able Download the device below and check out the tutorial video to learn all about it!


I have started filming some tutorial videos to share my experiences with Ableton. Pop over to my YouTube channel to check them out! Of course feel free to share, like and subscribe to stay up to date...


Behind The Scenes to my video 'ZweiLight' Part 1

- topics: Light programming with Ableton & DMXis

Yamaha DTX M12 & Ableton Live

- topics: How to connect your pad

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